Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year

I'm looking forward to a New Year, reflecting back, 2008 would not go down in my book as one of the better years. I'm hoping the economy will improve all over the world and the war will end with a positive outcome. Fortunately, my family fared okay during the past year, everyone is still employed and in good health. My youngest son was laid off in November but found another job within a week, actually paying more money. WV is not feeling the effects of the down turning economy yet. The coal industry is booming.

We're leaving in about an hour for South Caroline. The weather is beautiful in WV and along the entire route to Greenville. We have a beautiful day for travel. Hopefully traffic is at a minimum, everyone should be home watching football.

Happy New Year,
Wishing You Prosperity and Good Health Throughout the Coming Year.

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