Monday, January 19, 2009

Vanilla Infusion Kit & Other Sunday Night Ramblings

I've been making my own vanilla with this infusion kit. The bottle comes with the vanilla bean. You add premium vodka and keep it in a dark, dry, cool, environment for three months. After that you can use the vanilla and replenish it with more vodka for up to 7 years. I started the one on the right back in March 08. I started the second one about two weeks ago. It has not matured yet. This is very good vanilla but not quite as good as the Rose and Ivy Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla. I think I will add Bourbon to the Infusion Kit for the next batch.
I spent most of the weekend stitching out embroidery designs that I am planning on framing. I finished four of the five. I added borders to three. I still have one more stitch out and borders to add to two more. I want to take them to Hobby Lobby and have them framed for my sewing room. I'm in the process of reorganizing, rearranging, and redecorating my space. I'm going to wait until I have the embroidery designs framed before I post pictures. But I can tell you I spent about 15 hours working on these little pictures. One of the designs was 92 minutes of stitching time and 31 thread changes. All are vintage sewing machines, spinning wheels, and sewing designs, with a Victorian era flare.

I made one BIG mistake...I forgot to steam shrink my cut away stabilizer, after I added the border pressed the miter corners, what a wrinkled mess I had. I tried cutting the stabilizer in every little corner and curve, but it still is not flat. I may have to do this one's the 92 minute/31 thread change design. I normally use tear away but since these were pictures I wanted permanent stabilizer, but not a wrinkled mess. After that mess, I threw the entire 3 yards of cut away into the washing machine and washed it on gentle with hot water, threw it in the dryer and pressed it. I won't make the same mistake twice.

I'm gradually getting through my list of projects. I'm skipping around and not going in my planned order but it's getting done. I want to work on my market basket but I do not need it until March when we start camping. My grandson is coming in the first weekend in February so I'll start working on the little outfits I have to embellish with embroidery after I cover the new stools we bought for the kitchen.

I know you're saying "enough ramblings"....okay I concede, "Hope everyone has a good Monday." I dread it, wish I could stay home and finish my pictures. I'll work on them tomorrow night after work and dream about them all day.


Cindy said...

You have one busy lady. Did you get any sleep in? I've never washed and dried cut away - it still is a good stabilizer then? You learn something everyday.

Valarie said...

I always just used the steam from the iron to shrink the stablizer. The gals on the Yahoo Group, 430-440- etc were discussing washing and drying the cut away. I had three yards and decided I did not want to stand at the ironing board and steam the stuff. I just threw it in the washer on gentle and the dryer on medium heat. It did not fall apart and shrank about 30%. So my 3 yards is now about 2 1/4yards. But it won't ruin anymore embroidery projects.