Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I found these cute little reproduction 1930's tin boxes at Joann's Fabric today when I stopped in to pick up the Pellon Fusible Fleece. They came with 4 spool of Gutermann's Thread. I put my red straight pins in one. The antiquity of the tins goes with the machine.
I did not get my tote bag finished tonight, although I junked up my sewing room working on it. I used the Bernina 200/730 with the BSR for quilting the lining, the walking foot for quilting the front of the tote, the Singer for piecing the inside pockets and outside envelope pocket. I'm pleased with the results so far, but not pleased with the amount of time it's taking me to finish. I seriously doubt if I finish it tomorrow night. I'll be working late and by the time I cook dinner and wash clothes, my stitching time is limited. The pocket is only pinned to the front section of the tote but all the quilting is finished except for the handles that are not even cut out.
I have the fabric out and ready to make my dog's scarves, as soon as the tote is finished. They're tired of being naked. The neighbors are asking about their scarves, they usually have a different scarf every month.

I have Baby Lima beans soaking tonight. We'll have beans cooked in the pressure cooker tomorrow evening. I have beef brisket to cook one night this week but I marinate it over night first, so it will have to wait until the Thursday. I'm tore between smoking it or slow baking in the oven. I want to make the Pioneer Woman's Brisket Recipe so I'll probably opt for the oven. If you don't like Beef Brisket ( I don't) you'll love it prepared the Pioneer way.
I just looked at the clock and it's Wednesday already, so HAPPY HUMP DAY, especially to all those who work a 40 hour week outside their homes. We're half way up the hump and ready to come down the back side so we can play on the weekend. Enjoy your Wednesday.

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