Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Book Sense and Quilting

I've been dabbling a little in quilting off and on over the past couple of years. Most of my quilting is tote bags and sweatshirt jackets. When I upgraded my 200 and got the BSR I thought I had the quilting bug, but it really never bit that hard. I've read every blog out there about quilting (OK, not really every blog but lots and lots of quilting blogs), watched PBS, Fons and Porter and America Sews, etc., joined lots of quilting groups, read magazines, bought several books, all about quilting. I've never taken an actual quilting class. So with all this book sense you would think....I can do it, I've got the knowledge......READ ON!

I have four packs of Moda Prairie Paisley charm squares and three Jelly Rolls. I made a tote with about twenty squares, so do the math, I have about 150 charm squares left. I decided I'd give a table runner a try. I starched the charms and jelly rolls, cut them diagonally and cut the strips down to size. Pieced the charms with the strips. Guess what, some of the squares don't match up. The charms are not all the exact same size. Look at the bottom of the picture and notice the two small squares are about 1/2 inch off. They won't match up. Boohoo, I'm aggravated. I need to cut some more charms and piece some more small squares. I need one more large block and then hopefully I can square up my blocks enough to stitch the large blocks together. These colors do not match my house. I started out with plans to make a small lap quilt for my RV. I have the red, and blue theme going on inside the RV. Almost immediately the charms did not cooperate, so I made an executive decision (sure sounds good) to change from a lap quilt to a table runner for the table in the RV. If I can't get the large squares to square up and match up, they will be potholders in a millisecond, I won't even have to think about this one. When I get finish, I either post pictures of a table runner or half dozen pot holders.
I dropped off my textile pictures at Hobby Lobby for framing after work this evening. They will be ready for pick up on Wednesday. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished project.
After I finish this table runner or potholders, depending on how it goes, I'm going to start on my flannel PJ bottoms and embroider T-shirt tops to match. I'll need these when we start camping, it'll be cold at night for the first couple of months. Don likes to keep the heat in the RV down low, and I freeze to death. I believe the BIG M is finally over.


Cindy said...

I have to say this - and I was giggling to myself as I was thinking it. It sounds as though the RV quilt is out and the table runner is in. And if the table runner goes out, the potholders are in. I guess that mean if the potholders go out, then more coasters are in. Problem solved...LOL So much for executive decisions. Go ahead, Valerie, hit me.

Cindy said...

I will look forward to seeing the PJs and T's upon completion. They already sound warm and cozy. Do you have fabrics picked out already?

Valarie said...

Cindy all good plans need another plan and maybe another and another....LOL I don't want to get caught with my pants down, always have a backup! LOL

CJ said...

Ah... PLANS... that is such a wicked word. I try not to let the word or thought any where near me!

I want to try this quilt as well since I have a gazillion charm squares. I think I'll cut mine down to 4 1/2 inches first :)

Either way, your runner is lovely!

Valarie said...

Hind sight is 20/20, I wish I'd cut mine down to 4 1/2. The large block size will probably be better and allow more space for an outside border.I haven't decided on my border or how wide it will be, it depends on the finished size and the table size. If this thing becomes a table runner!