Saturday, January 10, 2009

Busy Saturday

I ready wanted to sew, cook, set up Don's computer and finish organizing my sewing room today. Like always, all good plans change around here. Don wants to go to Charleston to exchange some Christmas presents before everything is picked over. It's not a bad idea. I need to exchange an outfit and my Bernina Dealer is having their semi-annual teachers open house. The new winter class schedule is out and the shop has an open house where you can see the projects, meet the instructors, and sign up for classes. I think I'll take one class some time in February. After we start camping I don't have time. I'll probably run by the Bernina Shop and take a quick look.

I started cleaning out my sewing room closet last night. I worked until 2 AM. It's probably about half finished. Refolding all the fabric is a real pain. I want to re-arrange the furniture also, now is the time to move the computer cabinet before I get Don's new desk top set up. I use my laptop with a docking station on my sewing table, that's not too bad to move, but it won't be moving anyway.

I'll sew my dog scarves tonight. I found some silk (real silk) in the closet. I'll make a couple of scarves for me when I do the dog scarves. It will be a scarfing night.

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Cindy said...

What we don't do for our pets. I hope your baby will model his new clothes.