Thursday, January 8, 2009

Flooding in West Virginia

The rain continues for the 6th straight day. Our creeks and rivers are leaving their banks and as I'm typing it still continues to pour the rainy snowy mess outside. I traveled to my Greenbrier County office today, it is about 60 miles northeast from my home. It poured the rain non stop all the way. The fog was so thick you could not see more than 50 yards in front of your vehicle. I was using my defensive driving skills today. Watch out for the other guy because he may not see me and hopefully I see him first. I stopped along the way and shot a picture of the New River. This river is normally very shallow in this part of the state. You can wade across the the river and fish in the summer. The water is so high today that white water rapids were roaring. I mark a red arrow on the picture where normally a little tiny stream of water trickles into the River, today the little stream was a huge creek with rapids rolling down the hill.
I think these trees forgot to lose their brown leaves in the fall. They are hanging onto them in January. It is strange to see leaves on any trees this time of year. We've had several wind storms lately and all the leaves should fall during a wind storm. Oh, I should never question an act of God. The pictures are not good because of the dense fog, but you can see what a terrible day we experienced. If the snow we're having tonight keeps falling then the rivers will stop over flowing, temporary, until the snow starts to melt. We will see what tomorrow brings, we really need sunshine to brighten our spirits. I can certainly see why so many West Virginians become depressed in the winter (after the holidays). The weather alone is depressing and makes it hard for our elderly population to get outside and enjoy fresh air.

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