Friday, January 16, 2009

Table Cloth, Napkins, and Coasters

I found this tablecloth and napkins set today and it really reminded me of camping. I need to make this for our RV before the end of March. I have some blue fabric similar to this fabric and the pictures reminded me of my stash. I was planning on making quilted placemats with the fabric but I think I will make a tablecloth and put the rick rack around the edge. I always think of rick rack being so old fashion, something my mother would have added to my dresses or her aprons. But seeing it added to the napkins really adds character.

I like this quilted coaster set. I'll going to use the idea but add rubber sheeting fabric between the batting and the fabric to make the coasters more water proof. I purchased the rubber sheeting fabric last year to make a changing pad for my grandson and did not get around to the project. He's almost old enough to potty train, I don't think he needs the pads now. So I'm re-inventing a use for the rubber sheeting.

My new iron arrived last night. I bought the Digital Conair Iron with the Crafters Choice Auto Shut Off and a light. I'm sure I will love the choice of shutting off the Auto Shut Off, which I hate. As far as the light, I've never had an
iron with a headlight. I don't know if this is advantageous or not. I usually don't have too much trouble seeing when I iron, nor do I have a habit or ironing in the dark. After I test drive it I'll let you know.

TGIF! I have so much to do this weekend. I hope I can stay home the entire weekend. I love weekends when I do not leave the house from the time I get home from work on Friday until I go back on Monday morning. I usually get rested up and accomplish so much. I'd like to embroider my tote this weekend. We'll see.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Friday and looking forward to a good weekend. It will be a cold one in West Vifginia!

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Cindy said...

Have a good weekend. Get lots of sewing in.