Thursday, January 22, 2009

Home Alone

Don's out of town for the week, he's in PA meeting with the DEP and the attorney's. Wining and dining while I'm here "home alone" working myself to the bare bone. NOT....I'm enjoying my time, still working on my pictures for the wall in my sewing room. I decided to re-stitch the one that the stabilizer shrank when I ironed the attached border.

Not having to cook dinner every night sure does allow more time for play in the evenings. But I stayed up late last night, washed all the clothes, cleaned the kitchen really good, and still had plenty of time to embroider.
Yesterday I let the dogs out when I got home from work....forgot about them. About 2 hours later when I called for them, they would not come. Frightened me into a panic, especially with Don out of town. I called and called for them, rang the door bell...that usually gets them home, they think someone is here other than me, started the car with the remote starter....hoping they would think we were going bye, bye...still no dogs. Finally after about 5 minutes here they came. They did not feel cold and it was about 19 degrees outside.....hummm they were inside some one's house. They go visiting sometimes, the neighbors love them. But I really wish they would not let my dogs inside their house! I have a feeling they are feeding them also, my lab has gain an enormous amount of weight. I've cut her food back to two cups per day for the last 3 months and she has gained more weight. I'm glad the neighbors, really it's more like the neighborhood, like my dogs. I have very well behaved animals. They stay in their yard and I have never tied or leashed them. My lab will heel for miles and miles on a walk, we never leash them, except to go to the vet. The only reason they have started leaving the yard recently is the neighbors to the back of our house are feeding them and letting them in their house. If I see the dogs going over there and call them they come right back. But I have catch them in the act. Who wouldn't go next door for a free hot meal when all you get at home is dry food and reduced fat to boot. I suspect they go to their back door and bark to get in. The couple is elderly and in their 80's. Years ago they would not have let the dogs in the house, I think they are lonely and want company. I've spoke with them about this but apparently it did no good. I guess the responsibility falls on me, as it should, and I will keep a better eye on my dogs.

I'm headed out the door to work, I'm going to finish the other three embroidered pictures this evening after dinner again tonight...and hopefully get them finished so I can have them framed this weekend. The sun is shinning on the snow, it is a beautiful day.

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CJ said...

Oh gosh... now I think I would be upset if our neighbors fed our dogs or invited them in. I think I'd have to ask them to stop!