Sunday, January 11, 2009

Wrong Bathroom Phobia?

Do you have a fear of walking into the wrong bathroom? Often I've read the words on the door twice just to make double sure it's the women's room. We ate at Red Lobster tonight (not my favorite restaurant), we had a gift card. After shopping for several hours we both needed a break. After being seated and ordering Don excused himself to the men's room. He returned shortly laughing hysterically! He could hardly control his laughter to tell me the story....... He entered the men's room, one gentleman was using the only urinal, another washing up at the only sink, both stalls were occupied. Don leaned up against the wall and waited his turn. The stall door opened and OUT WALKED A WOMAN! Looking at Don she said, "are you in the right.......(now looking at the man using the urinal) Oh my, I'm in the wrong place," and the red faced lady walked out the door. All three gentlemen started laughing, loud, they are sure the lady (probably about 60ish) heard them. The man at the urinal said, surely when she entered the restroom she noticed the urinal.....that should have been a dead give away.....maybe she didn't.
About 5 minutes later we noticed the "wrong restroom lady" leaving the restaurant, Don said he should have waved but he controlled himself. Why embarrass someone again who was already terribly embarrassed.

After we finished eating I went to the restroom, carefully reading the words on the door. The TP roll was empty in my stall and when I washed up there were no paper towels to dry my hands nor a hand dryer. Another lady also shared my same predicament. As we walked out of the restroom we were both shaking our hands. I sat and down and explained to Don the situation in the woman's room and shaking dry, everything, and he politely said, "you should have used the men's room, that's what they do at Red Lobster, how long has it been since you ate here?" Red Lobster is not my favorite restaurant and that did not change tonight. We arrive home too late for any other activities (cooking, sewing, etc) so I'll have a lot of catching up to do tomorrow. Hope everyone is having a good weekend.

I'm still not over my "wrong restroom phobia," it's probably worse after tonight. I'm traumatized, just knowing it can and does happen, HELP ME........I'll have to read the door three times now and ask directions....


Cindy said...

YOU poor woman; no TP, no papertowels

Anonymous said...

Okay--- so where did the workers wash and dry their hands!
I would never return to that restaurant and would call the health dept.