Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Year's Eve

We'll be going out to eat for our mini New Year's Eve celebration. Last year we were at the Homestead in VA. A wonderful old 1744 hotel and lodge where Thomas Jefferson spent many long days soaking in the hot springs. We love the antiquity of the Homestead and the service and food are five star. We opted for a simpler fare this year. Dinner and a movie. We leave tomorrow for South Caroline.
I ordered a few dog designs from Embroidery Library today. They were having a sale. My 17 month old grandson loves dogs. While here for the holidays he would say woof, woof, woof,.....every time he passed by my dogs. I thought this little basset would be cute on a pajama shirt.
I also ordered the lab for another project, but I'm not sure for what yet.
Happy New Year!

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