Sunday, December 28, 2008


My family left today and the house feels so empty with just Don and I. I cleaned up the left over remnants from Christmas, washed the towels, sheets, and clothes, and cleaned out the refrigerator. Then I took a short nap while Don went to Mt Nebo to check on our house.
I've been so busy with Christmas preparations that I've neglected my blogging for the past few weeks. Most things happening around here were family events except a couple of weeks ago Don went to an auction in Beckley and came home with a couple of vintage items.
This 16/66 Singer with a cabinet is in excellent condition. Don paid $40.00 at the auction. I've not had time to play with the machine yet. Now, that the holidays are over maybe I'll have time. The machine came with the ruffler, buttonhole attachment, seam guide, straight stitch foot, binding attachment, zipper foot, overlock foot, hem stitch foot, gathering foot, edge stitching foot, the darning or embroidery foot, and bobbin winder.
He also managed to win a bid on a 1999 Cadillac, like we really need another car. Don is so proud of his Cadillac. When I get a chance I'll take and post a few pictures of his treasure. Right now the car is stored in his shop about 3 miles from the house. The next time he brings it to the house I'll snap a few shots.


Anonymous said...

That machine is a real pip. Congrats.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful machine you have!