Monday, December 29, 2008

Don't Bug Me...

All good made plans change, at least at our house, but sometimes for the better. I decided after I got home from work that the Mexican Meat was too much work. I wanted to use my pressure cooker......I cooked a frozen beef tenderloin with Lipton Onion soup, 1 cup of water, and a slice red onion, for 40 minutes, cooled the cooker normally, removed the lid, added two cans of cream of mushroom soup and a little sour cream. Set the cooker on keep warm until Don got home from work...about 2 hours later. The roast was delicious. And we have leftovers for tomorrow night.

The meal went so quickly I had time to wash three loads of clothes and finish my "don't bug me" pajamas that I've be blogging about for a month.

Tomorrow evening after work I'm going to try and find time to make a few more can koozies. If I'm not in the koozie making mood then I'll start on my other pajama bottoms. I have this coffee cup flannel and black bear flannel for pajama bottoms. I have several coffee embroidery designs from Embroidery Library that will go with the coffee flannel. I'll embroidery them on a t-shirt, probably hot pink to match the coffee cups. I'll embroider a saying "don't mess with me until I'm on my second cup." I'll embroider a black bear on a tan t-shirt to go with the red flannel and embroider "Be nice, I growl after a long winter nap". Do you get the idea....I'm not much of a morning person but I'll pick you up in the evening and late at night.

I have these two pieces for flannel pajamas bottoms for Don. I'll get around to making these before we start camping in March. He needs new flannel for the camper and the cool nights.
We're going to SC to visit Don's brother this weekend. We are never home on weekends unless we have guest visiting. All this running around is cutting into my creative sewing time and the stash keeps growing. I'm going to have to buy a storage building or add a room onto my house just to store my fabric. But I'm not complaining too loud, I've been wanting to go to SC for quite some time now. We pass through Gastonia and I love to stop (and shop of course) at Mary Jo's Fabric Shop.

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