Tuesday, December 9, 2008

No More Dishes Please

Fiesta came out with another color, chocolate brown. I do not need anymore Fiesta but I've been collecting all the colors for years now. I love this chocolate brown and it will go with my new kitchen. Maybe Santa will bring it. But I still don't need any more dishes. I really wish Fiesta would stop making new colors. This is a limited addition color.....oh please stop me. I'm wondering if anymore dishes will fit in this cabinet.
I caught the stomach virus that was going around. I felt terrible yesterday and stayed home from work. I really had too much to do at work with three office Christmas parties over the next week but I couldn't go and contaminate everyone in the office. Then they would be sick Christmas.

Don bought us a new Christmas tree tonight at Home Depot. Our tree was about 8 years old and really showing it's age. We put the new tree together in three pieces. It took about 5 minutes. Our old tree had about 100 pieces. Each branch was inserted separately. It was a pre-lit tree and the wires connected each branch. It took two people over an hour to put it together. I'm taking the old tree to Goodwill in the morning....I'm glad to be rid of it. We did not have time to decorate the tree, I'll do that tomorrow night.

Thursday night we are going to see the Nutcracker in Charleston. My time is running out getting ready for Christmas. I really should stay home and decorate, Internet shop, and bake goodies, but I love the Nutcracker Ballet. Don doesn't ask me to go to the Ballet very often, usually he wants to go to Mountaineer football and basketball games. I thought I should say "yes honey I'd love to go," or he my never ask again. He must have read my mind a few weeks ago when I was mentally complaining about tickets to a basketball game on Tuesday night before Thanksgiving. Who goes to a basketball game, two days before Thanksgiving with all the cooking that needs to be done. I was fussing to myself (silently) that we never go to a play, the symphony, or the ballet anymore. My husband is a good mind reader. I guess he's had plenty of practice over the past 32 years.

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Anonymous said...

I really love your colorful Fiesta dishes.