Thursday, December 4, 2008

More Fabric

I love Flannel World....ordered more flannel last Sunday evening and it's scheduled for arrival on Monday. Happy Birthday Don. No, I better find him a better gift than flannel, he'd be very disappointed, although I plan on stitching up 2 pair of flannel PJ bottoms for him. With his 36 inch inseam, it's hard to find flannel bottoms to fit.

I need to make a new Christmas table topper, this one from last year really doesn't match my new kitchen. I was on a table topper roll a few years ago and made a different round topper for every holiday and season. The Christmas topper is reversible but I only used the checked side. My piecing skills improved over the years, so I should probably try again....if I find time before Christmas.

As I scanned through my pictures for the Christmas table topper I found a picture of this little night gown I made a few years ago for the daughter of one of my employees at work. She wanted a little white simple gown for her 1 year old's Christmas picture. She was barefoot and holding a teddy bear in the picture. It was years ago that I actually sewed small clothes....this was my first small outfit in over 20 years, my boys are grown. Since sewing this night gown my grandson was born and I am getting lots of practice now. Unfortunately, I've not taken many pictures of the little outfits I've made over the last year and a half. Little girl outfits are so much more fun to create. Someday I shall have a granddaughter, surely the Lord will grant me this one wish. I've not ask for much from him. He gave me three wonderful boys, who became wonderful men and made me very proud. I really don't know much about girls anyway, but just one would be great.

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