Thursday, December 4, 2008

Can Koozies

I purchased 150 can koozies from the Can Koozie Lady back in the summer. I embroidered WV on 25 koozies for our friends at the campground. I used the glow in dark thread on the kids koozies. Look how many I have left. I really had intentions of embroidering on all of these before Christmas for presents.......I may get a few completed but not all of these.

I made two koozies with fly fishermen embroidery designs and gave to my eldest son when he was here Thanksgiving, darn, I didn't get a picture. I always get in a hurry and forget the photo. Here is a picture of two I made with a "bug in a jar". I found the embroidery designs at Smart Needle Designs . I'm going to try and embroider more of these blank koozies next week. I have lots of Christmas Designs and they will look great on the red koozies.
I may try and keep the Christmas Koozies here. (not give them away, if that's possible) When the boys are home for Christmas or when a football or basketball game is on, the men drink beer. They can each have a different koozie and they won't get their cans mixed up. Like the charms that go on the wine glasses, so you know which glass of wine is yours when you set it down and forget which glass belongs to you (after you've had several). The charms are cute, I have several sets of them, I'll have "can koozies" for the beer and "wine charms" for the wine glasses. Maybe I should coordinate?


jane said...

Sounds like you are having a great time with your Bernina. I have never thought about embroidering on koozies. What fun...I have a 440 and it is the love of my life. We spend lots of time together.
Jane in Kansas

Valarie said...

I love my Bernina. The can koozies are something different that you don't see everyday. Adults and children alike love them, especially when you embroider their name on the koozie. It's a personalized gift with a different twist. The zipper bottle koozies fit a baby bottle perfect. Keeps the milk cold! Add the zipper koozie to the diaper bag with the embroidered baby's name.

Jane said...

Interesting, I've not heard of Can Koozie before!
I'm thinking of purchasing a new machine and I'm going to look at Bernina now.

koozie said...

This is a nice idea you shared with us about the koozies! They are beautiful!