Wednesday, December 3, 2008


I'm worn out from the long Thanksgiving weekend, working late every evening this week, and trying to get my home ready for the holidays. I started with the kitchen. It takes me about 8 hours to completely change my cabinets over to my Pfaltzgraff holiday dishes. I store my Christmas dishes in a large closet in my family room. I carry the Christmas dishes upstairs and my Fiesta dishes downstairs to the closet. This year I did not start until Monday. I spent 4 hours Monday and 4 hours Tuesday evening after work running up and down stairs carrying dishes. Tonight I rearranged things again. I think I am finally satisfied with the end results and the placement of every dish.
This is the birdhouse and cardinal salt and pepper shakers on the small kitchen table.

I love my Pfaltzgraff Winterberry collection. I started this collection around 10 years ago and it continues to grow yearly. This is the cabinet over the microwave with all the little accessories.

Some of the utilitarian accessories decorating the counter tops

My teapot collection over the kitchen window.

Last night around midnight I decided I needed a few more Pfaltzgraff Winterberry dishes. I was bad and ordered a box full. I really needed (oh, I'll be truthful) wanted these new pieces. And I hope Don gets my secret undercover message and gets the wine chiller.

Here are a few things I ordered. They are all on sale 50% off.

I love Pfaltzgraff, you can check out the items on sale at

I'm going to Ohio to my cousins wedding this weekend. The decorating will be on hold until I return Sunday evening. I'll take pictures of the tree and other decorations when I finish up. This weekend trip to Ohio is going to set me back about 2 days with Christmas decorating. Maybe if I'm lucky Don and I will shop on Saturday before the wedding and buy a few gifts.
I have the Christmas spirit this year, especially with a grandson to play with on Christmas morning. That is all I want for Christmas, my family here, everyone at one time, playing, singing, dancing, eating, sharing life's stories and memories. A free gift with family means more to me than any material item you could purchase.