Friday, April 17, 2009

A Rising Explosion

When I opened the refrigerator this morning I heard a loud hissing sound. My first reaction was the freon was leaking way, this is a new refrigerator. Then I thought it sounded like a soda pop spewing out, but there was not a single soda pop in the refrigerator. Now what?
Then I spotted the plastic container of bread dough on the top shelf. The lid was humped-up on top. I'd read that yeast could explode and tops should be loosely fitted....but I never follow directions. Smarty me thought..that won't happen!

I carefully removed the container from the refrigerator.....and gawked with amazement. Now what? The container was hissing at me, it sounded like my pressure cooker. I knew the thing was going to blow at any minute and a big doughy mess was inevitable, if not damage to my kitchen. I could take the container outside, but I needed to get ready for work and I did not want my dough to get hot. I tried to open the container with long handle tongs, I did not want to get too close, that did not work....I tried to punch a hole in the lid with a long handle knife but the plastic was too heavy. Finally I decided to bite the bullet, press my luck, and just use my hands and open the container. BOOM.....POP.....KABANG. I jumped three feet! then loosely put the lid back on the container, put the container back in the refrigerator and got ready for work.

If that thing blew, can you imagine what a mess I'd have in my refrigerator? Moral to the story....follow directions...and if there's a slight chance that something might go wrong and the directions tell you just might.....
I'm so glad it's Friday...I'll laugh about my rising explosion all day.

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Becky said...

Whoo Hoo!! What a trip! Glad the outcome was positive!!