Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Do You Like Tapioca.....

Pudding? I made a large batch in the crock pot this evening. Did you know that Tapioca comes from the cassava plant.

It is one of many plants which manufactures cyanide to deter animals who might want to eat it. It does this by producing a chemical called linamarin which releases hydrogen cyanide when it is broken down by the linamarase enzyme. Scientists say the plant from which it is derived may help cure cancer. I don't have cancer to my knowledge but I'm giving it a pre-cure just in case it's lurking in the wings

This recipe is really easy and good. It makes a huge pot, so we'll be eating Tapioca for a few days, thought I'd get a big early jump on the cancer. All kidding aside, this pudding was/is really good, here's the recipe, so give it a try, it's healthy.

Crock Pot Tapioca Pudding
Add one cup Large Pearl Tapioca to a 4 quart crock pot
Pour 2 quart whole milk or 2% milk over the Tapioca
Add 1 1/2 cups of sugar
Stir well to combine
Cook over high heat for about 2.5 hours until the Tapioca is tender. (mixture will not be thick)

When the Tapioca is tender, beat 4 eggs in a seperate large bowl, add a small amount of the Tapioca mixture to the eggs and stir and then continue to add small amount of the hot Tapioca to the eggs until the eggs reach the same temperature of the Tapioca mixture. Add the egg mixture to the Tapioca and stir very well. Add 1 tablespoon vanilla. Replace lid and cook stirring frequently for 20 minutes on high. Remove the crock pot liner and scrape pudding into a large heat proof bowl. Cool for two hours and then refrigerate.

Eat daily for Cancer prevention and your enjoyment. When the serving bowl gets low, make another's easy.

Ice tea prevents Kidney Cancer so have a glass of Ice cold tea made from real tea bags or tea leaves with your tapioca.

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Cindy said...

Wow - you enlightened me, Valerie. I had no idea about the "tapioca" history. I LOVE tapicoa, just made some last week. But, I've never made a Crock Pot of it. Thanks for the recipe. I plan on using it soon.