Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Our Easter

Don I spent Easter weekend at the campground. I cooked a big spread of food and my youngest son and his wife joined us for dinner Saturday evening along with some friends at the campground. I cooked a marinated leg of lamb and two racks of lamb on the grill. It was delicious. Then we built a huge bonfire and sat by the fire until midnight. The sky was clear and the stars were beautiful. But it was COOOOOOLD, 20 degrees by 2 AM. I think the furnace in the RV and the electric heater ran all night. It warmed up Sunday and we had a great Easter.........

Then I called my son that lives in VA that evening......here is how they spend their Easter!
This breaks my heart.....apparently my grandson was vomiting non stop and became dehydrated and needed IV therapy. He totally missed Easter! But he is better and home from the hospital now. It's amazing how we worry about our children even when they are grown and then about our grandchildren. I absolutely HATE living so far from them, especially at times like this. I want to help and I feel so helpless.

I'm working on a quilted beach towel. I guess you can't call it a quilt because there is no batting only the patchwork on top and the towel on the back. I'll call it a patchwork towel. I hope to have it finished soon and post some pictures. The entire front of the towel is covered with patchwork. I used the Neptune fabric line by Moda for the the patchwork and I'm using nautical embroidery quilt designs for the quilting.

The lake is filling up with water finally. I can't wait to get the boat in the water.


Becky said...

Glad to hear the lake is filling up...we go camping there with my sister and BIL.....and I am itching to have a weekend! We'll just crank up the campfire higher!!

Hope your grandson is doing better. That is a real bummer.

Becky (in Morgantown)

Valarie said...

Hi Becky in Morgantown, my favorite town. My son lived there for 10 years and many degrees. We love the Mountaineers! We are at the lake every weekend. We will probably take the boat up weekend after next, it lacks about 10 feet and it will be at summer pool.