Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Patchwork Towel....

...Is moving along slow. I'm using embroidery quilt designs for the large blocks and most of the small blocks. The fabric is Moda's Neptune by Trula Pink. I plan on filling in between the embroidery with waves using my BSR. I did not use any batting between the patchwork and the terry fabric on the back. I plan on using this on the boat and I thought the batting would extend the dry time to twice the time to air dry. We won't use this to dry off after swimming but it will make a good cover up towel on cool days in the spring. I have more of the terry cloth to make regular towels with fabric borders and embroidery.At the rate I'm moving along I may get this finished by the time we put the boat in water and it may be next year. I did not realize how time consuming re-hooping would takes me longer to prepare than to stitch the design. I'll post pictures of it on my boat if I finish it this year. It matches the aqua, green, and navy seats on the boat.

Last night I worked on my bear PJs. I'm going to embroider a t-shirt to match tonight if it's not to late after I finish my chores.

Don's been working in Ohio this week so I've had time to myself with him out of town. He should be home early tomorrow. I'm so glad tomorrow is Friday.....we're headed to the lake and campground after work. We're going trail bike riding Saturday with some of our camping friends. This is a good time of year to ride before it gets too hot. I sure hope it doesn't rain on my know me and plans.....we don't get along so well. LOL

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