Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Orange...

send West Virginia Home. Syracuse beat us in overtime. It was a very close game and back and forth with the lead the entire game. But the Orange team won and that's what counts. I still feel good about beating Pitt, the number 2 team in the I hope Syracuse beats Louisville tonight for the Big East Championship. That will make me feel better about our loss to them.

Last night Don took me to Charleston to see the Blood, Sweat, and Tears. You have to be older than dirt to remember this group when they were in their hay day. And unfortunately I remember.....It was a good concert, not great, but good. We had a good time and listened to the game as we drove home and arrive home in time to see the last 10 minute on ESPN.

Today we went to Summersville to an Estate Auction. Don bought 2 old leaded stain glass windows. They are beautiful. We've not sure what we will do with the windows yet, for starters we will clean them up. I think they would look really neat handing from the ceiling in front of a window. I remember my grandfather buying stain glass windows at an auction when I was a little girl, he actually replaced windows in his home with the old stain glass windows. We probably won't go that far. They would also make a nice table top. We'll have to use our imagination and see what we come up with.

I'll take some pictures of the windows tomorrow. It's rained all day today, and we did not get them out of the truck when we got home. We also bought a lawn mower (like we needed another one) and two prints of ducks. I'll probably hang the duck prints at our Mt Nebo House/Office because they go with the cabin lake theme decor.

I'm hoping go get in some sewing time this evening and tomorrow. Like always the weekend will fly by.....I see the wings flapping faster now.


Cindy said...

Oh I remember Blood, Swear and Tears. Here's another one - coming to town soon are The Moody Blues.

We are aging ourselves...LOL

Anonymous said...

Oooh I can't wait to see the stained glass, I love the stuff! My hubby used to be into it as a hobby... wish he'd start back up!