Monday, March 2, 2009

Grandma Brag Books

I made these little brag books for my pocket picture albums yesterday. The fabric matches my wallet, tote bag and sun glasses. I bought new Vera Bradley Prescription Sun glasses a few months ago. Then I needed to coordinate (that's a bad word) everything, so I bought the tote bag, wallet, makeup case, and checkbook cover. I really should have made all the little stuff but I wanted it to match the sun glasses. (coordinate, that really is an expen$ive word)I wanted the picture holders to match the rest of the ensemble. So today, I leave for work, all dolled up with my new ensemble....I stop at the store to pick up a few items. I go to dig out my wallet and everything in the bag matches. OMG where was my head when I was coordinating, I could not find my wallet, it matched everything else. How long I will carry this mess? Who knows, it was rather aggravating with everything "coordinating" inside the tote.

I found this fabric and pattern for a beach bag. I'm going to use boat rope for the handles and tie knots through the O rings. I'll use smaller rope for the draw string. We have huge reels of white rope on the boat. I don't think Don will mind if I borrow a little! It won't match my sun glasses, (darn) but I guess everything can't coordinate. Maybe I'll have to get new prescription glasses to match the bag this time. LOL

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Cindy said...

The brag books are a cool idea, valerie.

You had me laughing as I continued to read about everything matching in your purse and not being able to find what you needed.

ROFLOL - forget the prescription glasses to match the new bag.