Monday, March 2, 2009

Crock Pot Chicken Lasagna

I have chicken in the crock pot, Buffalo Chicken Lasagna to be exact. I tried this recipe from Stephanie (Crock Pot Lady) a few weeks ago and Don and I both thought it was delicious. So it's "what's for dinner tonight"! I'm not a big fan of the crock pot, I like my pressure cooker 100% better, but every now and then, I really need to cook dinner while I'm at work.

We had more snow last night and Don is shoveling the driveway right now, so I can get out. I really wish he wasn't so considerate, I'd call the office and tell them I was working from home. That's really a bad idea. I'd love to work from home everyday, but my bond is too close with the Bernies and I know exactly what I would be I don't have to tell you.

Happy Monday! March came in like a lion!


Cindy said...

I'm ashamed, I wouldn't even know how to use a pressure cooker. Can you give me any info? But - I love my crock pot.

Anonymous said...

Saw your comment on the Bernina 440, etc. website you are from southern WV. I'm originally from McDowell County. You can't get any further south in WV! Just curious.

Valarie said...

No, you cannot get any further south. Are you still in WV? I don't see too many West Virginians in the group.

B. Cyphers said...

I left WV in 1967 and now live in Jacksonville, FL. Still have family in WV (McDowell County and Peterstown, Athens) and the Tazewell, VA area. If there are any WV gals they are probably near Charleston and nearer to Maryland/DC.