Sunday, March 1, 2009

Busy, Busy, Busy a bee and not a quilting bee. I'm so busy right now my head is spinning. I've been taking steroids for a severe reaction to a medication and I'm exhausted from the hyper-activity caused by the steroids. First the biopsies and then all the doctor appointments are bad enough without any side effects from the treatment. Oh well, enough about that stuff, nurses are the worst patients anyway!

Over the past three weeks at work I've been through a Medicaid Audit, standard procedure for Home Health Agencies, but still a pain the butt and they always just show up with only 24 hours notice, not to mention that Corporate taxes are due in 15 days and I have four companies plus personal taxes due on April 15. We have accounts that take care of this stuff but we still have to gather up all the "junk" and make sure it's correct........and so on.

I've actually been sewing a little and finished part of my sewing room. I have one wall in the room finished. Just three more to go. I usually work in little doses when it comes to decorating. I need to finish with one part before I can decide on another.

I've made little things like a pin cushion thread jars, small scissor holders, dress form pin cushion, and some other little trinkets. I'll take some pictures of these little things tomorrow night and post them along with the link to the designs.

Oh, please don't report me to the thread police! I know you're not suppose to expose your thread to dust and light (sunlight). But I have vinyl covering the rack and I keep the blinds shut most of the time, I'm not home during daylight hours anyway. I really like having every thing at arms length when I'm sewing. I don't want to dig in drawers for thread. I do have all my big spool in a large container in my closet. I really hate it when I have to dig in the containers for spools. I can see all the colors at one time with the thread on the wall. Grab what I need and get on with it.

I can't believe it's almost Monday, where do the weekends go? Its snowing here, like everywhere in the eastern US and the campground opened today. It's my understanding that people were lined up at the door at 8 AM to reserve their sites for this summer and the line was over a three hour wait. Apparently the phone lines were all tired up with phone reservations also. Boy, I'm glad I have a seasonal site! And it's ready for camping as soon as the weather breaks. I'm really ready for fresh air, hiking, boating, swimming, sitting by a campfire, all the FUN stuff in life.


Anonymous said...

Valarie, I'm so sorry you're ill, I hope you feel better very soon!

Your sewing room looks fabulous! I wish I had room in mine to decorate, I'm afraid function is all I have room for LOL

I would KILL to have my threads out like that, not only is it gorgeous, but indeed most functional! Alas I would not have any walls left were I to try that. LOL

Cindy said...

I"m so sorry you've been ill. I do hope you get to feeling more like yourself soon.

The embroideries you did look great framed, Valerie. Your space looks so nice! Do you "really" want to mess it up? LOL

I see the pincushion jars in your photo, how adorable. You have really made the space "your own".