Friday, November 7, 2008


....We have so much to accomplish this weekend. Tomorrow is the first Saturday I will awaken in my bed, in my home, instead of the camper or out of town since last March. I love weekends at the campground in the fall. But we need to roundup the camping and began readiness for the holiday season. Don and I will go to Summersville Lake on Saturday morning and winterize the camper and pull our boat home for storage. We plan to turn the camper around on the site, facing the other direction. For the past two years it faced the woods, (everyone thinks we are antisocial) and we want to face our camping friends next year. Don asked the campground owners to move the power box to the other side of the site this winter. We do not want to add 50 feet of electric cord to the existing cord. Hopefully when we return in the spring, the power box is relocated. If not, Don will turn the camper back facing the woods.

I worked myself hard and furious this past week....washed everything washable in the camper. All the sheets, blankets, towels, beach towels, dish towels, rugs, etc and packed them in XXL Ziploc Bags. I love those huge bags. In the spring when we open the camper every thing will be fresh smelling and clean. Saturday I'll clean the carpet while Don washes the outside of the camper and then we will winterize the water lines, clean the holding tanks, empty the hot water tank, and cover the camper with a huge tarp. Geez...I hope the wind isn't blowing, it's hard enough to cover that elephant without the wind helping.

I hope to be home early enough on Saturday evening so I can make my
cakes-in-a-jar. I have the pint jars and the recipes ready to go...just need time to make them. This is the first time for me, making cakes-in-a-jar. It looks like a neat idea. I want to make apple cakes.

We are dog sitting for Coby,
my son and daughter-in-law's Lab puppy. They have season tickets to WVU football games. We dog sit almost every weekend.

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