Friday, November 14, 2008

George Bush M&M's

I have two boxes of M&M's with George Bush's signature on the front of the presidential box. Wonder just how much these little boxes are worth with a lame duck president with a 23% approval rating.

It could go both ways on e-bay. Interested people because his approval rating is lower than any other out going president in our life time my bid high on the special candies or interested people because he was succeeded by Obama could bid high. Who knows??????

This is a true certified signature on a true package of M&M's served at Camp David. My eldest son works in Northern PA and has a very good friend working at Camp David. (Good Ole West Virginia boys). My son's friend shared a couple of packs of the notorious Peanut M&M's with me. I thought it quite neat for his friend to work at Camp David and know the President personally. OK Give me a break....he may not be the greatest president but he's not the worse we've had in my humble opinion. Only years from now will we really know how great or poor President George W Bush really was, but I still have the M&M's with his autograph! Good or bad....I bet I could sell them on e-bay for more than I paid...which was not ta,not ta. I may in fact give it a try. I'll post it here and everyone can track my success or failure at selling Presidential M&M's. Watch for more reports on my presidential sale.

I'm leaving in the morning heading to Northern Virginia to visit my other son, daughter-in-law, and 16 month old grandson, that I need to get reacquainted with quickly. It may be a few days before I post again but I'm sure to bring back interesting topics from my travels and visits. Watch for me on Monday morning. And next week I'll be posting picture and directions for the cakes in a jar that I mentioned a few days ago, I didn't forget, my time is limited and I'm trying to get these cakes made before that is next week.
Everyone have a great weekend.

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Niki :-) said...

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