Thursday, February 5, 2009

Valentine Table Topper

I made this little table topper for Valentine's Day. It's very simple to make. I piece all the squares, add the embroidery, use the ruffle attachment and sew on a ruffle, line the back with quilting and backing, sew around the outer edge and flip.

This little package is coming to see me this weekend. In the picture he's eating celery with ranch dressing, watching the super bowl, in his favorite outfit; his diaper. I won't get much sewing done this weekend but it's a good trade off. I'd much rather be spending time with my grandson, son, and daughter-in-law. Family always first. Sometimes I go months without visiting them, and grand kids grow up so fast. But work and distance keep up apart. I should be thankful that we all have jobs and that's what keeps us apart. It could be a lot worse, especially with the economic crisis our country is experiencing.


Anonymous said...

The table topper is adorable, but your little grandson is absolutely precious! What a pretty little guy!

Cindy said...

Guess you'll be full of smiles this weekend with another man in your matter how small he is..LOL What a cutie!

You're right - if it's jobs that keep us apart, we can actually be "thankful" for that at this time.

The Table Topper turned out great. And, I love that ruffle with the red stripe you added. What a nice touch. Such a nice Valentine addition to your table.

Have a great time this weekend with family.