Monday, February 2, 2009

Relaxing with the Bernina Designer Software

Our friend and Delegate came over this evening to discuss issues with the Elderly and Disabled in West Virginia. The WV Legislators are getting ready to go back to work after their Christmas recess. Tom is a good guy and really cares about WV.

I rushed home from work, cook pork tenderloin in the pressure cooker with a white wine sauce, rice in the rice cooker, stirred fried some fresh veggies and threw together a blackberry cobbler with fresh frozen blackberries. I had dinner ready in 35 minutes from the time I entered the house. Thank goodness for all the modern appliances. I did not know I was having company until after I was already at work today. Good thing I keep a stash of food around the house. I did not have to go to the store on my way home. Our Delegate friend left with his head full of information. I probably talked so fast and rambled so much he was totally confused and relieved when he left the house.

After I cleaned up the mess in the kitchen, I decided to relax with my Designer Plus Software. I really don’t spend as much time with the software as I did when it was new. Sometimes it’s fun to just play around with the functions. I’m trying to put together some stitch recipes for borders. I want to create a border for the fabric that I’m using on my pressing board.
Gee Whiz….how may combinations of stitches are there to use with the software? Thousands, maybe Millions? I could play with this for weeks.

I used industrial strength Velcro last year and attached my Bernina accessory boxes to the wall behind my sewing table (they are still hanging on). Every once in awhile I get around to cleaning them out. Tonight I decided to wind some bobbins while I was playing with the software.
That should do me for a few weeks if I don’t get too carried away with sewing. I really need to quilt my table topper but I just don’t have the energy tonight.


Anonymous said...

Combining stitches like that in the Bernina software is one of my favorite things to do, is that totally cool or what?

Your boxes should stay put forever. I had mine mounted in the RV like that, and if they survived bouncing down the road, I've no doubt they'll stay put on a wall!

Cindy said...

You gals inpress me about using the boxes for your feet, bobbins and accessories. I literally through my boxes away (I think I have one left from my 430) I have two Bernina cases (similar to hardback computer cases that have a pull out drawer) that I keep all my essentials in. I swear by these. Even hubby knows what they hold. Whenever we were RVing (which we don't have anymore) I could throw it in and have every foot/acc I needed. Then, I realized how convenient these were so I kept it that way.

Sorry...I'm rambling.