Sunday, February 1, 2009

Scissor Cases...In-the-Hoop

These In-the-Hoop scissor cases are too much fun to make. I made three for my large scissors today. I found the embroidery design at Embroidery Library . I plan (oh those plans) on making four of the smaller size scissor cases for my smaller scissors. I have this little three hook wall mount to hang the three large scissor cases. I’m waiting until my embroidered pictures are framed and I’ll incorporate the hanger into the picture collage.I'm going to cover my pressing board soon, maybe this week. I've had plans (oh those plans) to cover it for some time now. I'm going to use stitch recipes on the border around the pressing board fabric.

Oh what a Super Bowl game….the Cardinals just pulled ahead! Before I could get my pictures uploaded the Steelers are ahead…..maybe, they are reviewing the play. TD, now the Steelers are ahead. I'm really not into pro football. I like college football, especially if the Mountaineers are playing! Our local high school basketball team is #1 in the state right now. Go RED DEVILS! Maybe we'll win the states this year. It's been years since they have been State Champs!

Once again the weekend went by too fast. Tomorrow is Monday once again. I hope everyone had a good weekend and you're ready for the week ahead.

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Cindy said...

Valerie - I have those designs and have yet to stitch them out. Too cute.

I do love my football as well! Plus, baseball and playoff basketball.

I can relate..."oh those plans"...LOL