Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Do you Remember Dickeys?

After spending a wonderful weekend with my son, daughter-in-law, and grandson, I’ve come back down to reality and started my next phase of winter cleaning. I just about threw several turtle necks in the trash when I decided to recycle them. I recycle jeans and buttons so why not turtle necks. Remember the ‘70s, turtle necks were all the rage! High collars, dare we show our chest! But we sure did show the legs! I still like a turtle neck under a sweater or sweatshirt but with the big MP I tend to roast like a chicken. But I like the warmth around my neck when I’m outside. I cut out the turtle “necks” and serged the cut ends and made what we used to call “dickeys”. Are you old enough to remember?

Now I have all these knit scraps, I’ll save them too for embroidery practice stitch-outs. Or maybe I’ll use the sleeve bottoms for something like adding to the bottom of a sweatshirt sleeve, who knows, I’ll just hang on to them until next winter when I clean out my sewing room closet again, find the darn things, and wonder why in the world I kept this junk.
I picked up my framed embroidered pictures from Hobby Lobby on Friday afternoon. They look great. When I went in to claim my “original art work” there was a note on my claim ticket to call this number. Apparently an interior designer in the area saw the pictures while they were being framed and wants to purchase some pictures like these. WOW, that was a shocker, I’ve never been ask that question…..I’ve never thought anything I made was worth anything to anyone except me or maybe my family. (oh I’ll add close friends) But for a price, I’ll have to give this some thought. I did not call the lady….I can’t put a price on my hobby. Once I start selling my hobby, it’s no longer a hobby, it’s a JOB and I already have several of those. So as of today, I still have no interest in selling my hobby. But, remember, I’m a woman and it’s my prerogative to change to my mind.

Hopefully Don will help me hang the pictures this weekend and I’ll take some pictures. (Did that make since?) Now all I need is to rearrange some furniture and find an oversized chair that makes a bed and my sewing room is finished. We’ve been looking for an oversized chair for over a year. They are not hard to find, but finding the right one is our problem. I need a twin bed in my sewing room for my grandson to sleep on when he is older. But I do not want the bed in the way all the time. So, an oversized chair is the solution. I found a leather one at Home Goods, it would work but it just didn’t jump out and say buy me. We thought the price was a little high for a Home Goods chair, and they would not come down on the price when I pointed out a scratch in the leather on the back side. I knew it wouldn’t show and I guess they did too. But I’m not paying asking price for damaged goods.


Anonymous said...

Oooh, I can't wait to see your embroidered pictures! I would like to make some for our house too and need inspiration!

When we bought this house in the spring and had to furnish it from the ground up, boy did we ever have sticker shock! It had been years since we bought furniture.

Cindy said...

Oh you are aging me, Valerie. Dickies - oh yes, how well I remember, how many I had....LOL

It's funny isn't it? We "think" we need to hang onto something only to ask ourselves later "What were we thinking". Have to admit I've done that too many times. And probably will do it again.

I've been wondering when you would pick up the framed embroideries. I hope you take pics of your entire sewing space after you feel it's done. I'm sure it's turning out beautifully with all the work you're putting into it.

You're absolutely right about one thing - when your hobby becomes your job, it's no longer a hobby. Ask me how I know.... I am SO glad not to be sewing for Bernina anymore. Oh - I loved the projects that I got involved in but I sewed so little on "my" things that after two years I decided it was high time to get back to "my sewing". But, when we were younger and I sewed for others - it WAS much needed income..BUT - again, even then, I ended up not sewing as much on the things that made ME happy. Does that make sense?

Anonymous said...

save those bottoms of the turtlenecks and sew them to make baby hats. nice and soft with the knit fabs and great to donate to area hospitals.

just a thought.
Dawn in MA