Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Bottom of the Lake!

Another weekend passes, as usual, too fast. Don I went to Mt. Nebo Saturday to check on the office and our house. We made a quick trip by the campground to check on our RV. Everything is fine at both Mt Nebo and the campground. With the high winds we had this past week I'm surprised everything was okay. The storm door blew off at Don's shop and all the planters blew into the back yard at the house in town. We're lucky and we did not lose power like some neighboring towns. While at Mt Nebo we drove to the Summersville Lake winter boat launch. I love to drive down the launch in the winter when the lake is drained. It is awesome to drive where you know you swim and ride your boat in summer. These pictures are taken on the lake bottom, where we enjoy diving in the summer. Summersville Lake attracts scuba divers because of the rocks, boulders, lake depth, and underwater terrain. This picture was taken from the campground over looking the lake. Beautiful in the summer and interesting in the winter! I've often thought about hiking the lake bottom during the winter with a metal detector. Think of all the different things that might fall over board. The lake is over 300 feet deep in some areas.

I spent some time today at the office in Beckley. I really hate it when I have to work on weekends but sometimes it's unavoidable. It's close to tax time and with three businesses to close out all the books, it's a busy time of year for me.

Did you notice the Bushfire Quilt Project on the right side of my blog? I made two star blocks to send for the project. This is my feel good project for February. I really need to do something every month that helps someone.....(maybe) feel better.

I covered my stools in the kitchen tonight and hopefully I'll get the new chair cushions made this week, if I'm not swamped at work. I'll take some pictures if I get them finished.

Hope everyone has a great week.


Anonymous said...

Valarie, we have a Mt. Nebo in our backyard too!llllllll

I have to ask, why do they drain the lake for the winter? I've never heard of that before.

Valarie said...

They drain it for flood control and then fill it back up in the summer. They start filling it with runoff water from the mountains when the snow starts to melt in early March. The lake has always intrigued me, it’s fascinating as the levels go down from Sept through February and then rise again as if nothing ever changed. Summersville Lake is the cleanest lake in the eastern United State, we have no industry near the lake to leach chemicals into its water, and the constant emptying and refilling cycles keep the water extremely clean. Mountain Water is bottled and sold, I just drink it straight from the lake, the taste is fresh cool and pure. You won’t taste WV water any other place in the state quite like this. My skin feels anew when we are camping and bathing in this water. We pump if straight from the lake to our RV connection.
As for Mt Nebo, it’s a quaint little town of about 300 citizens. The town over looks the huge lake from great advantage points. My office is about 2 miles from the lake and our campground. I work from this office in the summer, and I stay in our RV. I have the best of both worlds. We could stay in our office, it is set up as second home, but we like the campground and all our friends. But my office is a home with all the desirable home necessitates, including a big brick BBQ pit in the back, and a fully equip kitchen.
I love everything about Mt Nebo, we hike the dam, ride 4weelers, hollow in the coves of lake and listen for the HUGE echoes,…..CJ how about your Mt Nebo. Does it bring joy or fun to your life? Do you have fond memories of good times spent at Mt, Nebo. I thought that maybe these (2) Mt Nebo’s were good fun places maybe a lot alike. Sorry for TMI, I'm just so Passionate about our small area called Mt Nebo, its rare.

Cindy said...

I'm just enjoying reading about your Mt. Nebo. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Do you know when they drain the lake? When is the last day you can swim in the lake?